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Individual Letters Individual Numbers Reverse

Spanish Lower Case Dot

Sharp faced characters, extra deep cut for marking drop forging dies, die castings, forming dies and molding applications. On a mold stamp the character is engraved normal and reads left to right giving a reverse impression in the mold. When the product is removed from the mold, the lettering produced is raised and can be read normally. Round Face Characters are continuous line, round face not sharp like other stamps. Used where reduced stress marking is required.

Offers the most reduced stress mark by producing a character that is impressed in a dot formation. Used where reduced stress marking is required. Statement, Code, & Symbols Allow for production and quality control through permanent marks stamped on part for certification/inspection. Type & Type Holder Steel Type and Type Holders provide the answer for all batch and general purpose marking. Simply build a series of characters into a holder and with just one strike produce a multi-character mark.


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